Good Sex means a better relationship

Good sex

Yes good sex is important for anyone and also for relationships. With good sex both partners have their individual needs covered, but also with sex they feel love, passion and the feeling from when the love and passion started. This feeling is so crucial important and many relationship problems can be traced back to this missing.

Relationships without sex

Yes relationships without sex do exists and can be called platonic relationships, however they are very rare on the first place and normally sooner or later this relationship will fall apart as one or both of the individuals will want to have their sexual need satisfied somewhere else and will fall in love with that person…

Why sex is important in relationships?

Sex is not just a physical activity in relationships. Of course you can give yourself an orgasm with watching some free porn however this will not do anything for your relationship. Important is that you will have the sex together and feel the bonding and the juices melt together and spend quality time together and what better with a long hard erection isn’t it?! Do you ever watch porn? Just be honest… and seeing those pornstars having good sex and being happy doesn’t make you to be the same? Lets move on and dig deeper to find the solution.

Why so many relationships have bad sex or no sex?

This is a difficult questions, but on the other side also an easy one as it is very easy to explain. Couples in the past always had crazy wild, spontaneous sex and a lot of sex, so why suddenly they don’t have? Because it became boring? Because they no longer attract each other? I don’t think so… Yes it became a lot of the same, if you don’t use sex toys and if you don’t use sex pills because you need to keep working on your sexlife if you want to have it quality on the long term. Also role playing can be nice to keep it new and fresh. Mostly however erection problems with the men are a main thing that couples don’t have sex. Women are wet and horny, but if the man can’t get his manhood up, then is is basically a game over. That’s why erection pills for the men are crucial to keep relationships happy. The woman will have many orgasms and is happy and by being happy can better care for the man and the man will not feel the urge to cheat on his wife or girlfriend because he is totally “empty” ( 🙂 ) by having sex with his lovely girl – a win-win situation! And that only with some simple blue pill (viagra) or orange pill (cialis).

Erection Pills
Erection Pills